Joie de SANS was founded to cater to the growing generation of mindful drinkers who feel empowered by celebrating their life choices.

Because life is worthy of celebration every single day!

Joie de SANS alcohol-free cocktails were created to imbue the palate of those who choose not to drink today, tomorrow or every day. They have been mindfully crafted to recreate the three pillars of the drinking experience:  ​

  • Ritual: All access into occasions, places and social activities that alcoholic drinks are typically consumed.  Without barrier it allows people to feel excited and included in moments of camaraderie.​
  • Flavor: Designed with the same quality of ingredients and innovation that cocktails demand.  The aromas, flavors and textures are both fresh and memorable for the palate.​
  • Craft: Created with all-natural quality ingredients, staying true to elements of health and wellness.  

Joie de SANS is a celebration of choice.
A carefree exultation of spirit!

It is an alluring alcohol-free cocktail option that is inclusive and empowering, without compromise.

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